Jane Simmonds, NEIS Trainer and Mentor from our Gosford office, was the winner of the Tim Cremean Unsung Hero Award at last Tuesday night’s gala awards dinner.

Presented as part of the 2017 National NEIS Association Awards, the award recognises Jane’s amazing contribution to the NEIS program and the encouragement and support she has provided to countless people, helping them start their own businesses.

Jane Simmonds, NEIS Trainer and Mentor

Not only is Jane an amazing and valued mentor and educator for all of her NEIS clients, she was also a previous NEIS participant herself and understands first-hand the needs and challenges of people looking to start their own business. All of her clients openly admit she is an amazing ambassador for NEIS and goes above and beyond in her role as both a trainer and mentor.

Jane also recently facilitated the launch of a new NEIS publication on the Central Coast with the potential to assist and promote NEIS businesses nationally. The ‘Announcer’ magazine offers NEIS participants an opportunity to promote their businesses at an affordable price within their local community. The Announcer showcases NEIS businesses, and is both published and distributed by NEIS businesses. It also allows NEIS advertisers to attract more business through the use of local promotional vouchers.

The Announcer not only creates a valued supplement to the learning Jane delivers; it also creates more connection and networking between NEIS participants and brings the program into the forefront of the surrounding communities.

The plan now is to expand this concept nationally , so that it can help all NEIS participants.

Well done Jane to this very deserving achievement.  You are an inspiration to everyone at Mission Providence.